Dear respondent,

The purpose of the Work and health self-assessment service developed by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is to help companies and employees identify factors that affect their well-being at work and work on them. The service is designed for all companies, entrepreneurs and employees. The service is designed to take the unique characteristics of work performed by entrepreneurs in rural regions into account.

The service consists of a survey and related feedback. The survey includes questions about work, your work environment, working methods, health-related behaviour and protection against occupational hazards. Self-assessment questions about your personal well-being and coping are also included. You will be provided feedback after you have answered the questions.

The feedback is not stored in the service. If you want to return to your feedback, you need to save it. The feedback includes information and instructions you can use to improve your work environment and health-related behaviour. Make the most of your feedback by discussing it with your occupational health nurse at an occupational health appointment.

Taking the survey is confidential. Your answers will be submitted to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in such a format that you cannot be identified from them. By taking this survey, you give your consent to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to use your information in an anonymous format. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health will report the results of the survey only on a group level.

Using the service is free of charge, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey.